Welcome to BHI TV Online

BHI TV Online is a modern digital TV operated by BHI Hospitality students. The main objective is to bring our campus knowledge, experience, & amusement closer to you. Our major program is about music, culinary, hospitality, and entertainment.

BHI Hospitality School is the biggest school of tourism in Bogor, Indonesia. Bogor is located 50 Km from Jakarta, 300 m above sea level and it has the Famous Botanical Garden. Considering the location of Bogor and the Botanical Garden, the city has a very nice weather and is a perfect place for studying.

BHI Hospitality School offers formal education programs, Bachelor Degree (S1), Diploma (D4), Diploma (D3), and 1 Year Program. BHI Hospitality School also offers some Training Programs such as, basic hospitality, complaint handling, up selling skill, cost control, table manner, and others. Our belief is Anyone can be Someone with our Caring Way. There are more than 600 students studying in various majors and they come from all over Indonesia including; Aceh, Medan, Riau, West Java, Jakarta, East Java, Ambon, Papua, etc.